Tobi M. Bitner, Attorney at Law, is an experienced criminal defense attorney.  If you are facing criminal charges , it is wise to consult with legal counsel immediately.  Because defendants need an attorney they can reach quickly when facing criminal charges, Ms. Bitner provides her clients with her direct cell phone to ease in effective communication.  If you are facing criminal charges and are seeking aggressive representation, contact Bitner Legal, LLC today to set up a free consultation.  Ms. Bitner has​ the experience to defend your rights in the investigation and prosecution stages of proceedings before the Municipal, State and Federal Courts in Kansas.



Tobi M. Bitner, Attorney at Law, is an experience Family Law Attorney.  Whether you wish to initiate a law suit, or defend one, Bitner Legal, LLC can represent your family’s needs in a variety of legal areas  in Kansas. Bitner Legal, LLC handles a variety of family law cases, such as:

​Divorce;  Child Custody and Parenting Time Issues; Child Support; Paternity; Protection from Abuse (“PFA”) and Protection from Stalking (“PFS”); Child in Need of Care (“CINC”); Juvenile Offenders; as well as many other Family Law Issues.



As a prior Human Resources Director, Tobi M. Bitner, Attorney at Law, can assist Kansas employees who are facing employment law issues.   Kansas employees have state and federal laws protecting them from the hiring stage through discharge and Bitner Legal, LLC can assist employees in exercising those rights.